Hardware Customization

Dspread tailors your POS hardware to your business. We offer all-in-one solutions including POS hardware designing, software developing, hardware batch production, application for certifications.

Physical Features Customization:
Size, color, and structure appearance, etc.

Configurations Customization:
CPU, RAM, ROM, motherboard, interface, OS, power supply, display material, display size and display resolution, etc.

Functions Customization:
Bluetooth, WIFI, Audio/USB cable data transmission, GPRS, 4G network, printing, SIM/SAM card slots,  NFC reader, IC and magnetic card reader, face recognition, fingerprint identification, QR Code scanner, voice recognition, etc.

Application for certifications:
PCI PTS, EMV, PBOC, QPBOC, Mastercard Paypass, Visa Paywave, Amex Expresspay, Visa Ready, TQM, FCC, etc.